Qualified and Certified Oilfield Electricians

Apart from our reputation as a reliable provider of skilled and trained electricians for residential and commercial customers, we are also renowned for offering first-rate electrical services to oilfield clients. If you are looking to employ diligent and certified electricians for your company’s varied oilfield jobs, then you can end your search with BW Electric Inc. We are your go-to electrical company for qualified, experienced, affordable, and customer-friendly oilfield electricians.

If you are needing contractors for construction or manufacturing of skids or boilers on your oilfield site, our competent technicians have the requisite expertise, skills and tools to fulfill your needs. We aspire to accomplish every project in a flawless manner and according to the satisfaction of our clients in the very first time. Our electricians go to great lengths to undertake a thorough analysis of your equipment and needs to capture the minutest of your requirements such as capacity, design and size, and future expansion, to fabricate defect-free, safe and durable equipment that adhere to the specifications required by your organization.

We strive to ensure that the intricate electrical systems of your oil field equipment are in perfect working order throughout the year. Speedy restoration of services is our primary goal in the aftermath of any unforeseen downtime, owing to a system or equipment failure. Therefore, our electricians are always on call to respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency situation that may arise at your location.


Our oilfield service company services include the following:

What Makes Us Better Than The Best?

Prompt and top-notch quality of service, open and transparent communication, fast execution speed, customer-first approach, budget-friendly pricing and 24/7 support are few of the standout features that give us an edge over other electrical companies in Alberta. Apart from our dedicated pool of licensed electricians, we also liaise with practiced electrical contractors for additional support during undertaking of large-scale projects. The involvement of a Master Electrician is an added advantage, particularly when we need to obtain the permitting paperwork that is essential for embarking on your project.

We also offer Residential and Commercial electrical services.

If you are keen to know more about our wide range of specialized offerings, please contact us today for a free consultation and cost estimate.