Protecting Your Treasures with Surge Protection

Surge Protection for your Home

It’s probably not in our nature to be overly pessimistic or to expect for bad things that could happen. It seems as if they happen only to other people. But, the reality is that bad and even tragic things happen on a regular basis.

You’d agree with me that it is wise and proactive, that we prepare. so that we can protect our treasures: loved ones and physical assets.

Imagine what could be the implications if it does happen! When really adverse surges occur, invaluable appliances can be burnt and destroyed, electrical systems partly or wholly destroyed, and those in the proximity of the surge can even be electrocuted or burned! You can see that taking the steps to provide surge protection for your home is not something you should postpone.

Surge protectors are highly efficient, proactive “sentinels” who monitor the voltage entering your appliance or system.

You might be wondering what triggers surges?

Causes of Power or Voltage Surges

1. Lightning is a common culprit. It generates a high current. Electrical appliances and systems can only handle a specific voltage. If this is exceeded, if there’s a spike above this level, the appliance or system can be destroyed. It is wise to ensure that systems and appliances are turned off if you sense that a nasty electrical storm is brewing. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

It is vital to stress that even when a spike does not destroy a device; it could be “killing” it gradually. One day it would just pack up and be beyond the service of a local electrician.

2. Power outages and blackouts are also inimical because when they occur, the current in the power line is completely depleted, it returns to zero. So, it is a shock to the system when power returns. It’s a “surge.” Don’t turn on your appliances and systems immediately, after an outage or blackout, wait for a while.

3. The utility may be responsible, at times. If the demand for power rises, the utility may decide to increase their output. This increase is actually a surge.

To protect yourself and appliances, you need surge protection. There are several options, and point to locate and install these devices. If you are looking for seasoned, effective electricians, we would help provide the protection required. Contact us today!