Service Panel Upgrades

BW Electric Inc. offers upgrades for electrical service panels

Electricity has indeed come of age – transforming our homes from the boring ambiance they once used to be into fun, entertaining places where we can always look forward to after work. The introduction of modern electrical appliances in our homes has even increased the need for more electrical services.

The challenge is immense since with the addition of newer and more sophisticated electrical appliances comes the challenge of load. As our new electrical systems may not be able to handle the new inconvenience and danger of overloading, how do we go about addressing this challenge? Simple; all you need is upgrade electrical service panel.

But What Is A Service Panel Upgrade?

The service panel, also referred to as the electrical panel is the metal box often mounted on a wall and from where the electricity from the main line is discharged before it is distributed in your house. This box, also known by other people as a breaker box or fuse box, is often painted grey or in a color that blends in with the color of the wall of your house, and may be mounted in a laundry or other utility room.

An upgrade of electrical service panel basically involves replacing the old one with a new one that can better handle the new electrical load. The upgrade is holistic in that all the finer elements such as circuit breakers, fuses, cables are also replaced. There may also be the introduction of a new line to match the new required service amp of your house.

How To Know If You Need It

One of the reasons you may need to upgrade your electrical service panel is if there aren’t enough outlets to power you electrical services and if you find yourself reduced to using extension cords and power strips. How do you know that your outlets aren’t enough or efficient? First is your inability to use multiple electrical appliances at the same time. Also, the lack of ground fault-circuit interrupters in your baths or in the kitchen, as well as non-grounded outlets, may denote insufficient or inefficient outlets.

If your lights occasionally flicker on and off or your fuses frequently get blown, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel. If the panel experiences a crackling sound and there are clear signs of melted cords, rust or corrosion in it, then an upgrade is necessary.
Other signs that you require an upgrade are as follows:

  • If you just did a home renovation or added major electrical appliances such as an air conditioner or spa.
  • The lack of a main breaker in the panel.
  • The addition of an electrical sub panel.

Looking For An Upgrade?

If you are located in Red Deer and looking for a company to help you upgrade your electrical service panel, your search ends here. At BW Electric Inc., we are dedicated to ensuring all faulty or outdated service panels are safely replaced and upgraded so your home is not only safer but more electricity-efficient.

We conduct our services with high level of competence and professionalism and that can be attested to by the various positive feedback we have from our past clients. And versatility is a core element in our service charter. Whether you are looking for additions to your existing panel or total upgrade, you can trust our professionals to be up to the task.

Take advantage of our quick response time to contact us and one of our able support staff will be at your service.